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Barón has created a concept of Modeling Training with a variety of Workshops where the students by having 100% participation. These students will learn from Runway to Photo Posing, Personal development and more. Testimonials


Our Modeling Training Include, some of the following:


Children Modeling

Posture and Self Confidence

Personal Development

Stage Presence Runway Modeling

Social Etiquette

Promotional/Sampling Modeling

Photo Posing Body Language

TV Commercials

Make Up and Nutrition

What Casting Directors look for



The World of Modeling


It is easy to understand why a modeling career sound appealing. Glamorous clothing, constant attention from makeup artist and hair professionals, and seeing themselves in a print is a fantasy for women around the world. Walking down a runway in a designer gown to the beat of music, with cameras flashing all around, is trilling to even think about, much less experience. Or how about traveling all around the world, all expenses paid, to shoot in a exotic location? A lot models begin their careers in places like Milan, Paris and Miami. And then, of course, there’s the money, which can be extraordinary. Today models who achieve a high level of success earn more money in a week than most people earn is a year.


The Different Types of Modeling


You might be surprise to learn that some other types of modeling pay more money. Models may earn only $150 for the entire day for shooting for a magazine cover, compared to $150-$300 per hour for a catalog work.


PRINT WORK - refers to printed photographs used in magazines, catalogs, product packaging, greeting cards, billboard, brochures, or any other type of printed material used to advertise a product. There are many different types of print work that use of a wide variety of models.


HIGH FASHION MODELING - generally share certain characteristics: long, lean, and have unique or exotic features. Although these models can vary in age, weight, height, and size, most are between the age of thirteen and twenty- five, are 5’8’’ to 5’11’’ in height and wear a size 6 or 8.


EDITORIAL PRINT WORK - most of the time, the model will put a lot more energy into a editorial shoot than she would for a catalog job. Ex: you might jump in the air, stretch your body across some strange object and hold the pose, or do something bizarre like float on water in a designer gown.


COMMERCIAL PRINT - are models who primarily work for catalogs and advertisements. Most commercial models tend to have a look which the customer can relate.


CATALOG WORK - catalog usually pays more than editorials. This type of work features the display of merchandise, which includes everything from fashion to food.


ADVERTISING - it refers to advertisements that appear in magazines, brochures, packaging of products, even billboard. You models directly for the company that makes or design the product.


BODY PARTS OR SPECIALTY WORK - specialty models are those who have perfect features, such as hands, feet, legs, teeth, or incredible hair. Petite models are good candidates for this type of work because of their delicate features; specifically, small hands and feet. Ex: advertisements like hand lotion, panty hose, shoes - remember you have to maintain these perfect features.


GLAMOUR MODELING - this type of modeling often refers to partial or full nudity. Most models are thin, fit and work very hard to maintain their bodies. Lingerie and swim-wear models fit this category. Ex: Victoria Secrets Models.


RUNWAY - it is by far the most well-known type of modeling. Runway models are 5’9’’ to 6’0’’ in height and wear a size 8, but there have been exceptions to these requirements. There’s a little more to a runway performance than just walking straight down the stage, turning around, and walking back. There are precise technique in the way a model walks, turns, or removes a jacket. You should be aware that the “walk” is going to vary, depending on the season, the environment, the design, and the mood of the set.


FITNESS MODELING - a fit model works as a live mannequin, who can show the movement and fit of a garment. Designers use fit models to try on their designs throughout their creative process. Often, a fit model has to endure being on her feet for long periods of time as the fabric of a garment is printed or pulled.


SHOWROOM MODELING - a showroom model works in the designer’s showroom and informally models the designer’s latest fashions. One of the greatest benefits from becoming a showroom models is the exposure-you never know when it might turn into something big and better.


PROMOTIONAL MODELING - Often refers to as spokes models, promotional models work at sales conventions, trade shows, events, exhibitions, and or in stores. They demonstrate products, meet and greet visitors, and distribute literature. Models who work in this category are generally hired to promote products, but many also find themselves handing out awards or giving out samples.


INFORMAL MODELING -(tea room modeling) takes place when a model walks through a store, restaurant, or banquet room modeling various garments. The model usually works two to three hours, models several fashions, and is available to answer questions or give detail about the design she is modeling.


TELEVISION AND FILM WORK - models are often booked for television, soap operas, videos or a variety of video and film productions used to advertise products. There are a number of resources available if you are interested in breaking into commercials or acting. If you are serious about television commercial work and film work, you will find yourself on a entirely different career path than you would take as a model


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